Having a multisite extension as expensive as USD 299 with a 50% renewal is a killer. A typical WooCommerce store would need about 30 to 40 extensions, costing up to USD 3K and $1.5K for yearly renewals.
At present the majority of customers subsidise the few who require support, the recent changes though the cost of standard WP eCommerce functionality rocketed to $1000’s, and without yearly renewal costs!
We’re providing a much needed service in the premium space, where web developers, designers, agencies and small business owners want to increase the functionality of their websites without paying the massive premiums.
All products on our site explicitly state that they are purchasing the product from WP Discounts and not the author/vendor. We clearly state that if support is needed from the author, then to consider purchasing from them (We even include a link to their site to make it easy). We never make any claims to be the original authors.
Our members gain access to automatic updates that helps them with managing and keeping safe multiple wordpress blogs, out-of-the-box. Customizations are not supported but no author offers this service as part of their support.